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Rich and Mary Ann strive to make your experience exceptional in every way. They manage to capture the perfect smile, perfect pose and the personality of each person. Every morning I look at my pictures they have taken and it just makes me happy.


Session Guide

Expect a unique experience and living art of your own family.

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  • “Rich and Mary Ann did an absolutely amazing job with our family portraits. Rich took the extra time to make sure we were all comfortable with the shots, and he made the whole process so fun! It is an experience we will never forget and we will have the beautiful photos as a constant reminder.”

    Jennifer Sorn
  • “Our portraits were better than we could have anticipated!”

    Teresa Shock
  • “Fantastic Photographs. Great with the kids and made it a fun experience all around.”

    Travis Michael Vaughn
  • “Rich’s creativity made my entire experience with Breshears Professional Photography a pleasant one!”

    Beth Mata
  • “Rich made us feel like he was an old friend!”

    “Rich got shots that I didn’t expect, and didn’t think he could get!”

    “Breshears Professional Photography showed a willingness to go above and beyond!”

    Lisa Lindholm
  • “Breshears Professional Photography treats us like good friends!”

    “These are the best portraits I have ever done!”

    “Rich was able to put the kids at ease and make everything fun!”

    Marcela Gilbert
  • “Working with the photographer, Rich, was so simple easy and so was selecting our photos with Mary Ann!”

    “The most surprising part of our experience with Breshears Professional Photography was the quality of the portraits – they were amazing!”

    Kristina Cunanan
  • “One of the best photography sessions I’ve ever had. Rich was wonderfully patient. They externalized some of my best childhood memories for me, my parents, and now for my son. Fantastic suggestion to have our photos taken in the backyard I grew up in, that my son now loves as much as I did. We will forever be grateful and have those memories to keep near to our hearts. Fantastic!”

    Anna Lawrence
  • “We went to see Rich to get my son’s senior photos done and they turned out amazing! Our son is very shy and Rich did a great job of getting him to open up for the photos, he made it a very comfortable environment and we are more than happy with how they turned out! Thank you so much for getting us quality photos!”

    Shane Benningfield
  • “Amazing experience! We loved every part from start to finish! Highly recommended Breshears to everyone! So nice, friendly, and professional!”

    Jennifer Phipps
  • “Rich took our family pictures. They are some of the best family pictures that we have! Mary Ann then took the time to sit down with us and offer a lot of cool printing possibilities that I didn’t know about. I also ate all of her cookies. We got one of our pictures printed on metal and it really makes it pop! If you’re looking for a professional photographer and not just a guy with a camera trying to make a buck, then you can’t go wrong with Rich!”

    Parker B. Olsen
  • “Working with Breshears Professional Photography was a very comfortable and relaxing experience!”

    “We feel like this experience with Breshears Professional Photography brought our family closer together!”

    Keri Escalera
  • “To me, Rich is the consummate professional!” Breshears Professional Photography went above and beyond-they exceeded my customer service expectations!”

    Jason Strickling
  • “Breshears Professional Photography were pleasant, efficient, timely and complimentary! The portraits were exceptional!”

    Ann Manley
  • “On top of the great love and care you get from Breshears, is the incredible talent. We couldn’t be happier on how they captured our children on film. They are the best!”

    Kirk Goodnight
  • “The portraits at Breshears Professional Photography were great and exactly what we were looking for!”

    “We had a fantastic day during our photo session with Breshears Professional Photography!”

    Laura Cree
  • “Rich is like the best photographer in the world he made sure he got the attention of my little girls. Normally they would fuss and not cooperate, but Diego the pig was their best friend after the shoot. We did not feel rushed we had all the poses in mind taken. Rich made sure we had a great time and listened to what we wanted. Thank you Rich and Mary Ann Breshears.”

    Dennis Caoile Zamora
  • “Our experience with Breshears Photography was amazing! From start to finish was detailed, professional and enjoyable. Rich made it so easy and was great with the kids. Mary Ann was so great in making sure we received exactly what we wanted. It was a memorable experience! I would highly recommend them!

    Preston House
  • “Our time with the Breshears team was phenomenal from beginning to end. Rich made us feel comfortable and like we were a part of the family. The photo session was only the beginning. Mary Ann then walked us through the print and frame options available to us. The whole experience was top notch and we continue to share our experience with family and friends.

    Ken Gamboa
  • “Breshears Professional Photography created a family heirloom, not just a picture!”

    “This was really a pleasant experience and we love the portraits!”

    Michelle McKinney
  • “Fantastic portraits and service from a fantastic couple. I am so grateful we invested in these family heirlooms!”

    Rod Powell
  • “Rich made us feel so welcomed and was able to accommodate our want for outdoor photos even though it was raining! Oh and he was able to make my four month old smile almost the whole time.

    Rachel Uretsky-Pratt