Rich & Mary Ann started Breshears Photography in 2000. Their story together goes back some years before that though…

In 1985, Rich was studying music and psychology at the University of Idaho. Mary Ann — also a Vandal — was majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences. They met then and were married in 1987. Rich began a career in social work as an Assisted Living Administrator. Mary Ann began a teaching career.

Photography was a serious hobby from childhood for each of them. Mary Ann began taking classes in her local 4-H Club; Rich first took formal instruction in photography during high school.

The move toward full-time photography came as a favor to family and friends whose weddings, baptisms and other events needed to be recorded by someone with a trained eye and a good camera.

As the quality of their work grew, so did the word of their availability. Rich and Mary Ann hung up their former careers in 2001 to pursue a living made in photography, full-time. They developed a portrait studio in their home 2003, then added an on-site portrait park a year later.

Rich works in both traditional portrait and commercial photography. He has photos published in various magazines, catalogues and web sites. His work is regularly featured in Northwest Brides and Newlyweds Magazine, and in 2005 and 2007 he was named the Washington State Wedding Photographer of the Year.

Mary Ann’s degrees and training excellently complement her years of experience in bridal consulting, and was wedding photographer of the year in 2013.

The Breshears genuinely enjoy people. That gives them great skill at helping clients to relax and enjoy the photography experience. Their individual talents work very complementarily with their desire to provide special portraits that you — and your family — will cherish forever.

Memberships: Professional Photographers of Washington,
Professional Photographers of America

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What clients say

  • “The portraits at Breshears Professional Photography were great and exactly what we were looking for!”

    “We had a fantastic day during our photo session with Breshears Professional Photography!”

    Laura Cree
  • “Working with the photographer, Rich, was so simple easy and so was selecting our photos with Mary Ann!”

    “The most surprising part of our experience with Breshears Professional Photography was the quality of the portraits – they were amazing!”

    Kristina Cunanan
  • “Working with Breshears Professional Photography was a very comfortable and relaxing experience!”

    “We feel like this experience with Breshears Professional Photography brought our family closer together!”

    Keri Escalera
  • “Our time with the Breshears team was phenomenal from beginning to end. Rich made us feel comfortable and like we were a part of the family. The photo session was only the beginning. Mary Ann then walked us through the print and frame options available to us. The whole experience was top notch and we continue to share our experience with family and friends.

    Ken Gamboa
  • “Breshears Professional Photography treats us like good friends!”

    “These are the best portraits I have ever done!”

    “Rich was able to put the kids at ease and make everything fun!”

    Marcela Gilbert
  • “On top of the great love and care you get from Breshears, is the incredible talent. We couldn’t be happier on how they captured our children on film. They are the best!”

    Kirk Goodnight
  • “Our experience with Breshears Photography was amazing! From start to finish was detailed, professional and enjoyable. Rich made it so easy and was great with the kids. Mary Ann was so great in making sure we received exactly what we wanted. It was a memorable experience! I would highly recommend them!

    Preston House
  • “One of the best photography sessions I’ve ever had. Rich was wonderfully patient. They externalized some of my best childhood memories for me, my parents, and now for my son. Fantastic suggestion to have our photos taken in the backyard I grew up in, that my son now loves as much as I did. We will forever be grateful and have those memories to keep near to our hearts. Fantastic!”

    Anna Lawrence
  • “Rich made us feel like he was an old friend!”

    “Rich got shots that I didn’t expect, and didn’t think he could get!”

    “Breshears Professional Photography showed a willingness to go above and beyond!”

    Lisa Lindholm
  • “Breshears Professional Photography were pleasant, efficient, timely and complimentary! The portraits were exceptional!”

    Ann Manley
  • “Rich’s creativity made my entire experience with Breshears Professional Photography a pleasant one!”

    Beth Mata
  • “Breshears Professional Photography created a family heirloom, not just a picture!”

    “This was really a pleasant experience and we love the portraits!”

    Michelle McKinney